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Hi, I'm Odessa! I'm a professional dancer, dance instructor, accredited natural medicine practitioner, certified herbalist, and group fitness instructor. Dance has always been a passion of mine and it's what fuels my love for holistic health. Mama Ma'at is inspired by African holistic health traditions passed down from my grandmother, and I believe in helping dancers create balanced and healthy lifestyles. 

Who is Mama Ma’at?

Ma’at is the Egyptian goddess as well as cosmic principle of balance, harmony, and truth. Ancient Egyptians believed that by living life in accordance with Ma’at principles one could achieve balance and divine peace. At Mama Ma’at Health and Holistic Services we aim to help people find balance in their own lives by offering natural products and services that help the mind, body, and spirit heal and work harmoniously.


Mama Ma’at is not just not just a business, it’s a healthcare revolution! Modern health has for too long been using synthetic drugs to mask symptoms instead of getting to the root of the problem. Holistic medicine has in it the ability to prevent and cure many of the modern health concerns we face today. Our vision is to revolutionize healthcare by inspiring people to take charge of their own health by providing them with the resources to live a balanced and healthy life. 

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